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Comfort and Care

The office environment at Dr. Holley’s office is designed to make you feel relaxed and at ease. We have assembled a collection of personal touches, modern equipment, and knowledgeable staff to make your experience a positive one. We provide warm knit gowns for our patients to wear for examinations, no cold drafty pink paper towels. The drawer underneath the exam table is heated. That means the instruments are warm and the lubricating jelly is warm. Mmmmmm.

State of Art

Our patient portal offers you a convenient way to communicate with us. With your unique user name and password you can securely enter your medical information directly into our electronic medical record, saving you time at your office visit. You can also receive messages, lab results, and request prescription refills through the patient porta

Lavish Tech

Our electronic medical record is housed in an on site server with multiple levels of security, and with internet backup. Much of the clinical equipment we use stores data and images directly onto the electronic medical record. As a result, we can spend our time with you, not your chart.

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