Shirley Powell 8-20-2014Beginning a New Chapter

 – By Dr. Mary Holley

The office of Dr. Mary F Holley MD is welcoming a new practitioner in the field of Naturopathy. Dr. Shirley Powell, Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine is joining us to offer expanded services in the field of natural remedies for common problems.

Have you ever walked into the vitamin section at Walmart and wondered what all those vitamins and combination products could do? Have you logged on to the internet and come away even more confused than you were when you started? Or read some sales pitch for a wonder drug that would cure your fatigue, weight gain, or hair loss for only $599.99 per month?

Dr. Powell offers years of experience in a holistic approach to disease and healing. Restoration of optimal function does not always require a prescription. But knowing which natural herb or vitamin will really reduce your cholesterol, or relieve your fatigue, or reduce your blood pressure is important and you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, or even on “The Dr. Oz Show.” In collaboration with Dr. Holley, Dr. Powell is qualified to advise you not only on which herbs and vitamins would reduce your cholesterol, but we can also monitor you cholesterol levels and prove that the interventions we offer are effective.

Dr Holley has always felt that natural approaches to health and healing, when appropriate, are more sustainable, and thus more effective, than pharmacologic treatments. Natural remedies are generally safer than pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects and fewer interactions with other medications and medical conditions. In combination with diet, activity, and lifestyle changes, natural remedies are much more effective than pharmaceuticals because they often go to the root of the problem and resolve the cause of disease.

Because we work as a team, Dr Holley and Dr Powell will interweave modern medicine with ancient wisdom to restore your body’s natural healing power. Careful monitoring of your condition allows us to manage your treatment with better success and fewer side effects, not to mention lower costs.

Does naturopathy really work? The proof is in the pudding.