Do I really need a hysterectomy? Is a bladder tack the right thing for me? Is there anything else you can do to relieve my problem?



What about hormones? Are they really that dangerous? How do I cope with these hot flashes?


Can Dr. Holley or Teresa take care of my medical needs like my blood pressure or cholesterol?


What about breast cancer? Am I at increased risk because of my family history? What precautions should I take?


Are diet pills dangerous? Do they work? How can I get this extra weight off safely?


I feel like I’m falling apart, exhausted all the time, no sex drive, and my hair is falling out in gobs. Can anybody help me?


Yes, we can help you. We understand women and the issues we face, and we are willing to listen and care about you and your problems. We can give you a careful evaluation of your family history, medications, hormones, nutrition, and general medical health, and help you formulate a plan for moving forward.


Dr. Holley does not perform major surgery anymore because of nerve damage in her hand, but she is an experienced  surgeon. She can offer you an unbiased opinion as to the benefits and alternatives to surgery for any gynecologic condition from endometriosis to incontinence.


Check out the list of services we offer and learn a little about how we do things. One size does not fit all.


Every woman is unique. Come to a place where your uniqueness is celebrated and there is no assembly line. You are not just a number in this office.