If you are building a family, you want to be treated as family, not a number. In Dr. Holley’s and Teresa’s practice, your fertility evaluation and treatment is tailored to your specific needs, avoiding unnecessary testing and expense, while at the same time using every available method to enhance your chances of achieving the family you desire.


Your initial evaluation may include a general medical exam and screening for medical conditions such as diabetes and genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis. Your immunity to diseases such as Rubella will also be determined.


Testing for your husband includes genetic screening, a testosterone level, and a Sperm count and semen analysis. We will also assess efficiency of intercourse using a post-coital test to confirm that motile sperm are entering your cervix.


Testing for you includes:


  • – Cervical cultures and pap smear
  • – Pelvic examination checking for endometriosis
  • – Blood tests for hormone levels and antibody levels
  • – Ultrasound examination for fibroids, ovarian cysts, and other conditions
  • – Hysterosalpingogram to confirm that your tubes are open
  • – We use the FemVue ultrasound method of HSG. This procedure is done under ultrasound and so it involves no radiation exposure. This examination is combined with the general ultrasound examination, saving you time and money.


Treatment options include:


  • – Counseling concerning appropriate timing of intercourse to increase your chances of a natural conception.
  • – Treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome including metformin and related medications.
  • – Clomid or Femara  protocol that titrates to the appropriate dose with ultrasound monitoring of the development of egg containing follicles.
  • – HCG injections to facilitate the release of a mature egg at the proper time.


If natural intercourse does not accomplish a pregnancy, your chances are improved with Intrauterine Insemination. The sperm are applied via a curved catheter to the fallopian tube adjacent to the ovulating ovary.


Dr. Holley does not provide in vitro fertilization; if you need in vitro fertilization you will be referred to an appropriate clinic.


Dr. Holley also does not do surgical tubal reversals. If you have had your tubes tied and wish to have them put back together, Dr. Holley will refer you to a local doctor or to a specialist in this procedure.


Infertility treatment can be an emotionally and physically exhausting process. We are here to help you reach your goal of a healthy family, and support you along the way.