Dr. Holley offers several laboratory tests right here in the office.


Hormone levels:
We have invested in a state of the art Architect immunoassay instrument that accurately measures hormone levels to detect early signs of menopause, thyroid disorders, diabetes, pre-diabetes, adrenal function, infertility and poly cystic ovary. This instrument also measures vitamin B 12, iron, and vitamin D. A certified laboratory technician operates the instrument in accordance with all applicable CLIA standards including proficiency testing, calibrations and controls. We closely monitor hormone treatment and fertility treatment using these blood tests to ensure you are getting exactly what you need when you need it.

Cervical and vaginal cultures:
We also operate a BD Viper amplified DNA test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia allowing us to promptly detect and treat these life threatening and fertility threatening infections before they cause irreversible harm to the reproductive tract. We also offer the Affirm in house test for Candida, Trichomonas, and Gardnerella Vaginitis, the 3 most common causes of vaginal infection so that infections are promptly and accurately diagnosed. These instruments are validated and monitored for quality assurance in accordance with CLIA requirements. Your results are not seen by any outside lab and results are kept confidential.

Complete Blood Count:
For those situations in which more information that just a hemoglobin is needed, we operate and Hemocytometer that analyses blood for all the most important red blood cell parameters as well as white blood cell count and differential. This allows us to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections, determine the extent of infection, and also detect many blood deficiencies and malignancies.

Chemistry analyzer:
We also have an inhouse instrument that can determine basic blood chemistries, cholesterol and its components, Hemoglobin A 1 C for diabetics, and tests for early signs of renal compromise. When necessary we can get results to these basic tests within 20-30 minutes of drawing your blood. Prompt decisions regarding hospitalization depend on accurate ancillary testing like these tests offer.


We perform in house EKGs for assessment of chest pain and palpitations, baseline studies for annual exams, and assessment of hypertension, thyroid disease, extreme fatigue, and difficulty breathing. If the attention of a specialist is needed we will refer you to the heart center you prefer.


We can test your blood count without pricking your finger or drawing blood!! We use the hemoglobin finger probe to test your blood count. It fits on your finger like an oxygen meter at the hospital and measures your pulse for 45 seconds. Your hemoglobin then displays on the screen. If you have fingernail polish on, we may have to remove it before testing you.

Urine testing

We do both a dipstick and a microscopic examination of the urine, testing for infection, renal disease, complications of diabetes and hypertension. Many times urinary incontinence is caused by a treatable infection of the urine.

Urine pregnancy testing is done by a slide test that is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy even before your period was due. If you get a positive home pregnancy test we can confirm it for you with our laboratory pregnancy test.

Glucose testing

We can perform your 2 hour glucose tolerance test for early diagnosis of diabetes right here in the office. We have to prick your fingerL, twice L, but we give you a fruity punch to drink and let you go shopping at Mike’s Merchandise while you are waiting for the second blood draw.

Wet Prep of vaginal discharge

We check your vaginal discharge for infection using both regular saline – for bacteria, and potassium hydroxide – for yeast. If findings are inconclusive, we will send a specimen to the laboratory for a DNA probe that pinpoints the exact cause of your symptoms.


We use the iFOBT test, an immunoassay that tests for specifically human blood cell DNA. This test has a much lower false positive rate than the old test available years ago. Only human red cells are detected. The red meat you had for dinner will not cause it to be positive.

Dr. Holley does the Cell Vue seminalysis in which your husband’s sperm is examined and counted for a sperm count, and stained to identify abnormal forms and inflammatory cells.

Post coital testing

We can examine a sample of your cervical mucous at the time of ovulation to determine the quality of mucous and the presence and motility of sperm for your fertility evaluation.

Flu test

We have the nasal / throat swab to detect the flu. We also offer the flu vaccine each year to prevent you from becoming sick.

Strep test

If you have a sore throat, we can sample your throat for streptococcus to allow for specific treatment with one office visit.


We have a Toshiba ultrasound machine that we use to check for ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, pelvic masses, abscesses, and inflammation.


If an intrauterine mass is seen, we can study it further by placing a small amount of saline in your uterus to delineate the mass and determine its size, location, and consistency. This information allows you to make a decision about further treatment.


We do an ultrasound based hysterosalpingogram that does not involve any radiation or dye in your tubes. Saline bubbles are formed in a chamber that are then placed in the uterus and followed on ultrasound up through the tubes.

Breast ultrasound

If a mass or lump is found in your breast, Dr. Holley can look at it under ultrasound to determine if it is a cyst or a solid mass. She can then biopsy it appropriately under ultrasound guidance for a rapid diagnosis.

Bladder Pressure Testing

Urodynamics involves tiny electrodes that measure the pressure in your bladder and urethra as your bladder fills and empties. We can pinpoint exactly what conditions cause your bladder to leak, and what treatment is most likely to help. Urodynamics are very helpful in evaluating complex cases in which multiple therapies have been tried with poor results.