Many women suffer in silence with their sexual problems. Most think there is nothing that can be done for them, so why bother. Others are so embarrassed to ask, they just let the opportunity to talk about it go by without saying a word.


Sexual problems can range from the purely physical – pain with intercourse or vaginal dryness, to the purely psychological – sexual revulsion or post traumatic stress disorder, and many problems that are a blend of both physical and psychological.


The vast majority of sexual dysfunctions can be treated successfully with proper evaluation and science based therapy. Your relationship may be threatened if you do not make an effort to improve your sexual functioning.


Dr. Holley makes it a point to ask every woman if she is having problems related to her sexuality. You will get the opportunity to ask for help, and adequate time will be given to you, either on your annual visit or on a follow-up visit, to address your concerns. Dr. Holley really listens to you.


A complete history and physical examination is the basis for all further treatment and evaluation. Dr. Holley will pay careful attention to the tension in your vaginal muscles, the integrity of your vaginal lining, and tenderness in the pelvic areas. Testing may include cultures, an ultrasound, or blood work to measure hormone levels. A careful review of your medications may reveal the culprit, or a previously undiagnosed condition may be causing your problem.


Therapy may include a change in your medications, the addition of hormone replacement, pelvic muscle re-training, or counseling. Your insurance may not cover all of the treatments we recommend, but we will make every effort to help you get the therapy you need.


If you are one of the millions of women suffering with a sexual disorder, speak up. Take the opportunity Dr. Holley will give you at your annual exam to say something about the problems you are having. Allow her to give you the time and attention you need.